Benefits of eating organic food

This is an age where everywhere we go, we find a range of organic food. However the organic food is not easy to grow no matter how many benefits it has for eating. Organic food is grown with no pesticides and chemicals and with only natural procedures but keep in mind you have to use […]

Latest Organic Seed update – by tomorrow

We bought some organic tomato seeds at HomeDepot for $3.00, then I came home and checked prices online. Here is my suggestion from a organic seed seller from Amazon. Getinvolved – Go Organic Thanks  

More on Organic Produce

Organic vs. Nonorganic: What Fruits and Veggies Should You Buy? Fruits and Veggies to Buy Organic


Suggest a link Animal Farm Blackwood Educational Land Institute Center for Holistic Footcare Center for Wellness & Healing Chrysalis Financial Group Colorado Lakeside Townhome Go Vegan Texas Green People Healthy Living with Marian Bell Houston Indy Media Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center Last Organic Outpost Matt Family Pick Your Own Orchard Nature Lyceum School for […]


Opportunities…  Get involved–help us run the Co-op! Answer questions, load and unload veggies, keep the space neat…hang out with great people! This is a great opportunity to be involved with your community, to intermingle with good people and organic fruits and vegetables. It stretches your limits and for every 1 hour of participation, you earn […]


News/Updates   January 28 February 4 February 11 February 18 hi to All i had a grand opportunity to take my under the weather self out last Saturday and sit amongst some very powerful people. one Ralph Lauren clad, beautiful woman in the group had eyes that pierced my soul. she sat on the front […]


Regular Delivery for Saturday February 28th and Wednesday February 25th below Who ordered what?–Check your order!   (list of people follows, or click the following links:  Fruit Shares, Small Mixed Shares, Medium Mixed Shares, Large Mixed Shares,  Small Gundermann Choice Shares,  Medium Gundermann Choice Shares, LargeGundermann Choice Shares, Real Meal Deal, Eggs and Special Orders) Select […]


Select check your order! to verify that your order is correct. What will be available for Saturday, February 28th: Local Arugula  Broccoli, Green  Cabbage, Napa  Celery  Chives  Cilantro  Greens, Collard  Kale, Dinosaur  Kale, Redbor  Parsley, Flat  Radish, White  Romanesco  Spinach  Turnips  Co-op Box – Small Apples, Fuji  Apples, Gala  Apples, Golden Del  Apples, Granny Smith […]

How it Works

How the Co-op Works… Organic fruits and vegetables are available every Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesdays  Pre-ordered Mixed Shares of fruits and vegetables, a Gundermann’s Choice Share, a Fruit Share, or by luck in stopping by and picking your produce from the extras available. Saturdays  Pre-ordered Gundermann’s Choice Shares or produce from our Fresh Market. Effective […]

About Us

Imagine communities of people coming together each week in different parts of the city to purchase high quality, organic food at reasonable prices. This was the dream of Jennifer Georgantas and Patricia Greer in September 2001 as the idea for Central City Co-op was born. With the help of numerous volunteers both then and now, […]

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